How It Works

1. Place your Inertia Nutcracker at the left end of table with the wooden stop block flush against the edge of the table.

2. Put nut between sockets of anvil and cracking cup.

3. With your left hand, pull the shield over nut to contain any shell fragments and to seat your nut firmly between anvil and cracking cup.

4. Use your right thumb to pull knocker stick as far to the right as it will go and release.

5.  Slide anvil to the left and let cracked nut roll out.








  • Not for use with Black Walnut or Hickory nut!
  • For over-cracking of nuts, reduce the number of rubber bands.
  • For under-cracking, increase the number of rubber bands.
  • If stored pecans dry out, soak them in water for 8-12 hours before cracking.
  • Freeze Brazil nuts. Use 4 rubber bands and give full stroke to Brazil nuts and Almonds.
  • To replace rubber band on shield, align roll pin of anvil and center beam of flange and stretch double rubber bands to include pin and entire length of flange, dropping rubber band behind wings of flange. A sharp edge may cut shield rubber repeatedly. Smooth this with file or sandpaper, or touch with lacquer.
  • Always protect eyes from shell fragments.


The Inertia Nut Cracker HD uses standard #64 rubber bands that can be found at any local office supply store. 

The Interia Nut Cracker HD needs minimal maintenance.  Just inspect the rubber bands for wear. 

Do not dry fire (use without a nut) the Inertia Nutcracker HD.  It will flatten the cracking cup, reducing the cracking effectiveness.